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Compelling Visuals

A picture paints 1000 words, a saying we have all heard a million times, yet the old adage still rings true. You can ‘say’ a lot with a picture, evoke emotions, bring back old memories, and inspire a new generation. Whatever message you want to get across, a great image is often the way to do it. In the social media arena this is known all too well, especially with the meteoric rise in popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, which are almost entirely based upon images. Therefore it is of the utmost important to use original, engaging, and branded images to promote your content.

Headline of the Day

Great content is one thing, however, a catchy title is something you’re probably not spending enough time on. Think back to the glory days of print media or flashy tabloid headlines, they were literally attention grabbers in every sense of the word. It is no different in the social media arena.

Headlines: Create better, catchier headlines which grab your audience’s attention bringing them into your content.

Create a new headline for social media: You should create brand new titles specifically for social media, which grab the attention of your audience. Creating different titles for the same content posted across multiple social media platforms is even better. Perform A/B testing on the titles to see which ones are performing the best, on which networks and why, to further hone your skills in the deceptive art of headline creation. You can also consider using free internet based tools to research a catchy headline for your new content.

Timing is Crucial

This may seem like common sense, but if you don’t want your post to get lost in the feeds before anyone has even seen it, you need to post your content at the correct time of the day. Each product or service you post for, has a particular target market and that target market is likely to be online at a certain time in the day. Therefore once you know who you are targeting, you must also know when they will be active on social media, so your content does not pass them by. You want your content to be viewed and shared as much as possible, to give it the greatest possible audience. You must also know when your audience will be listening. Although this seems like common sense, many content marketers tend to overlook this simple concept. For maximum engagement, the content you’re sharing needs to reach as many people as possible. You have to go where the crowd is and know when they are online and active. This lets you compile a posting schedule and makes ssure you post during a certain time of day. Some platforms such as Facebook have analytics to help you pinpoint the correct time. Testing and research will help you to determine this.

Post Multiple Times

It is easy for your content to get lost in the sea of social media platforms. So not only should you chose to post at the correct times of the day, but also post multiple content through different times of the day. This helps your original and highly creative content find its intended audience. Now of course we are not suggesting you sit there and repost over and over again, as that would be a nuisance. However posting the same content 2 or 3 times across the course of the day can have a big impact on the amount of overall reach you achieve.

Questions and Answers

Social media is all about sharing, you do this by communicating a message, delivering content and engaging people with your ideas. How do we know if the content is resonating with the desired target groups? You can ask them! The beauty of social media is that you can open a dialogue with your target audience, ask them for feedback, criticism, or maybe even receive some praise. Social Media allows you to act upon the feedback received, improve the core message, or make tweaks to your product offerings.

Social media can be both public relations and content delivery at the same time, you can use your feedback to improve the content you are delivering. By engaging the community with your questions, you are also creating a feeling of involvement with your audience, in a way which was simply not possible with traditional media sources.

This is a really powerful way to build a community, which is both engaged and invested in the product or brand, all by just asking a few questions.

Invest a Little Money

It is of course possible to pay for likes, but you don’t want to do that as the return isn’t there. However you can pay to promote your content, to a small targeted audience within a social media platform. In this way, creative well written and interesting content can be pushed into a news feed of the correctly targeted social media users. They are the users who are most likely to really like the content you have produced. With paid targeted content promotion, it is possible you might be able to tap into a previous part of the market, otherwise un-served. Experiment a little to see what works and what doesn’t.

Our ITTIZ Marketing team provides all the solutions necessary to effectively market products online. Creating original content, engaging with your customers and providing quality feedback from your audience.

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