How social media aligns with your business goals.

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Your social media channels are full of creative original content, posting is happening on a regular basis, you are engaged with your community. The brand image has been faithfully represented, it looks good and aligns with the image you are trying to project.
However, is any of it actually helping with the bottom line? Are your efforts actually turning into sales, positively effecting the bottom line, or just another cost centre, sucking up resources with no end in sight? Have you sold more products? Have you grown your market share? Have you found new brand advocates to share your message? Are influences flocking to your pages to share insight and help push the message? Can you prove your social media is actually have a positive net effect, or just a pretty shop front window?

Numbers Number Numbers

In the case of social media, numbers are your friends. In order to fully know, what you are doing well, then you have to follow the statistics on your social media channels. Tracking the stats will allow you to have a better idea of what is working and what is not. Becoming accustom to the statistic, and what they mean will allow you to see if you are losing potential customers and why you are losing them. You will then be able to better judge how well your social media marketing is working, and whether it is truly aligning with your business plan.

What to do?

Social media marketing is another part of the marketing mix, you want to keep your message consistent across all media channels, be it social, TV or print. However subtle changes will be needed to optimise for each of the different channels. However, the overall tone and message should be very similar from campaign to campaign.
However, one of the most interesting parts of social media is that you can track nearly everything with a little knowhow. From how many clicks you get per post, to how far a post has reached, you can see the level of engagement from a post, or highly target a particular post at a particular demographic within your channels.

Goal orientated strategy

When you first start out on any media campaign, goals/objectives are of critical importance, social media is no different. It is very important to know what it is you want to achieve, be it high click through rates, form submissions, or simply driving traffic to your website. Once you have decided upon a particular goal you wish to achieve with social media, then you can figure out how to track that goal, and measure the success of your online efforts.

The right tool for the right job

There are various tools available to social media marketers, to better allow you to track all the metrics happening across various platform. For example, Facebook offers a very comprehensive suite of tools which allows you to track clicks, impressions, reach and a whole host of other variables. This allows a business owner to get a really good idea, of how their efforts are translating to the set objectives of the business. As your media platforms grow in popularity, you are able to use this statistical data to help decode what is happening on the platforms, how it translates into achieving your goals, and importantly to tweak the messages as needed to better align with the businesses set objectives.
Google Analytics is also a wonderful tool, which gives the ability to track incoming traffic to your website, as it flows from your social media channels. This is yet another way you can use these tools to track how your social media community is reacting to your marketing campaigns.
You are able to track start and end dates of these campaigns, and compare from month to month the effect your campaigns are having. Once again, this wonderful tool, allows you to analyse the data, in order to make changes as needed to the message, bringing you closer to achieving those marketing objectives.
You must always be focused on the objectives originally set, if those objectives are not working, you can change them, but make sure that you change the social media message, so that you are always in line with your stated objectives.
For example, if you want to bring traffic to your website, try and design an ad which has an incentive attached to it, so consumers can’t not click through to your website.
The possibilities are endless and the tools are there to help you achieve your goals, by tracking metrics and testing content approaches you can really dig down to the ROI of your marketing efforts.

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