Engagement. What is it? Why is it important?

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What is Social Media engagement?

The key aspect of Social media, is the social!
If you are not engaging with your social media community, then you are missing out on a crucial aspect of this marketing environment.
If you look at this from a typical user standpoint then it is clear, people talk to people, they share their photos and videos, they share likes and comment (engage) with each other’s media content. This is the essence of social media, creating and building new relationships, with new or old friends.
If we now look at the corporate world of social media, where the marketer must disseminate their message to the company’s social media channels, is it really that different?
A company (brand) wants to spread their message, be it product, service, good cause or event.  The brand, wants a relationship with like-minded individuals, individuals who hopefully become consumers of the brand, and whom might, help the brand spread their message a little further.
Social media engagement, in the marketing world, is the process where by businesses and consumers communicate with each other, based around a brand personality and usually a product offering.
At its very core, the idea of social media is one of communication, bringing together people of a like mind, into groups, or communities to discuss and share ideas on a common subject or topic.
It is therefore logical to say that social media engagement in the marketing world is very important, it is a dialogue which exists between the brand and the community.
If there were no engagement, then the social part of social media would cease to be, as the engagement between brand and consumer is just that, an open dialogue where views can be expressed, and comments can be acted upon.
The community can engage, directly with a brand, leaving comments both positive and negative in an attempt to start or steer a conversation about the brands offering.  If a company can lead engagement with the brand, then the community can become a very powerful voice, advocating the brands benefits to a wider audience than traditional marketing could achieve.

So why is this important?

Engagement between brand and consumer can have many beneficial outcomes, when the engagement is handled correctly by the brand managers.
⦁    The community at large feels a strong tie with the brand image, they may feel the brand encapsulates element of their personality, which they feel positive towards. This serves to strengthen the ties between the brand and the consumers.
⦁    Greater chance that the consumer will buy in to the brands products yet further.
⦁    A consumer may become a brand advocate.
⦁    The brand can elicit feedback from the community at large, relating to new product launches and or currently released products.
⦁    Valuable feedback to the brand in relation to their current product offering.
⦁    Ideas for product improvement and new ideas for entirely new products.
⦁    Consumers feel a vested interest in the brand and its wellbeing, as they feel some kind of affinity with the brands personality.
⦁    Reinforce the idea of brand loyalty in the consumer’s mind, as their views and concerns are being listened to and catered to by the brand.
⦁    Open dialogue creates an even greater sense of loyalty to the brand.
⦁    Engagement can also serve as a form of real-time customer service for the brand, allowing problems and issues that may arise from the use of the brands products to be troubleshot in real time.  For the consumer this gives instant satisfaction, with an even greater feeling of affinity with the brand.
⦁    Engagement leads to satisfaction, consumers want to feel their voice has been heard.
⦁    Engagement leads to growth in your network.
Engagement is a very important aspect to any social media marketing strategy.
Of key importance, here is that it must be done in a way which aligns with your brands personality and desired strategic focus.  It is very important to remember that engagement can be very effective at building a strong and loyal community around the brand.

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