7 reasons your company should be using social media

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Business owners know that understanding your target audience is key to developing a following on social media. Furthermore, business must understand what motivates, their target audience, what drives them to engage with the company in an organic way. Knowing your businesses strengths and weaknesses, while understanding your target audience, greatly helps when developing, engaging and interesting content to keep consumers coming back time and time again.
Social media an essential part of any robust and outward looking marketing plan. Social media can bring enormous long-term benefits to a company, so let’s look at some of the most important reasons.

1. Social media drives brand building & differentiation.

Social media empowers a company to build brand awareness and communicate the personality traits of their brand. This allows consumers to feel what your brand is all about. This human connection creates an atmosphere whereby it is much easier for a consumer to feel connected with a brand.

2. Social media as a customer service and reputation management tool.

Millennials don’t use 1-800 numbers, it is not part of their vocabulary. Twitter is often the first place where criticism or complaints come pouring out. Allowing tweeted complaints to go unanswered makes a business look like it doesn’t care. It is of the utmost importance to deal with these interactions in a professional and timely manner. Customers really appreciate real-time communications, when it comes to problems with a product or service. Very often the fact that a complaint or problem was address in a professional and timely manner, via a medium which the consumer comfortable, can turn problems in to opportunities for the company. Dissatisfaction, becomes satisfaction, the consumer is happy with the service offered by the company, who is turn will likely share this positive engagement across their networks. This adds to the company’s positive reputation as a great customer service provider.

3. Consumer feedback and insights are a key part of social media.

Feedback and insights from consumers, can positively affect a company’s marketing strategy and new product development. By leveraging customer insight on your products and services you can more clearly understand what it is they want from your brand. With this information, marketing efforts can be better focused. While product development can be lead in new and exciting directions, with a true customer centric approach.

4. Social media is a great way of promoting your content

Content creation has always been of great importance to any marketing campaign. If a company creates a great marketing campaign, yet nobody hears about it, then it was all in vain. Social media gives companies a powerful platform on which to publish new messages and content. Allowing for original and creative content to be targeted at the correct audience. While giving an opportunity for that content to be seen by a wider and potentially new customer base, at little to no extra cost. Furthermore, social media and the internet, have an element of permanence to them, data is created at a huge rate, but rarely erased. Great content will still be shared long after the campaign has ended, bringing potential long term, low cost benefits, to any company capable of creating, original content which resonates with a large audience.

5. User generated content drives purchasing decisions.

More and more people are consulting social media and search engines to aid with purchasing decisions. If your brand is not on social media, sharing information on the product or service that you offer, how will potential consumers find information about your brand? A website alone is no longer enough, information is spread by social channels. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that brands are out there sharing information about their products and services. This action makes your brand more visible, driving sales back to a corporate website.

6. Social media can allow your company to become an industry leader.

We know that great content drives engagement with the company’s consumers, it drives engagement across your target audience, driving sales and brand advocacy. However, companies can also use social media to become industry leaders. By sharing information about your industry as a whole, companies can begin to shape industry wide conversations and become thought leaders in their industry. The benefits to this are many, from sponsorship opportunities, to speaking events, industry leaders are respected, their knowledge appreciated. Achieving this level allows a company to attract not only more active consumers, but also talented operators who may be able to push the company in innovative new directions.

7. Social media is the supply side for your website traffic.

Active company social media accounts drive traffic to the corporate website, which in turn can drive overall sales. Being active on social media, sharing content, building communities, shaping the conversation will push more traffic to the company’s website. Consumers will regard the company as being respectable, honest, open, a company worth cooperating with, which leads to more website traffic and more potential customers entering the sales tunnel.

Furthermore, social media is becoming more and more important for organic SEO, with active companies acquiring greater levels of visibility on search engines and social media, further driving traffic back to the website.
Remember it is about being seen, it is about getting the companies message out into the world. Today one of the most effective ways of doing this is to be active on social media channels. Directly interacting with customers and potential customers, by providing interesting content they care about.

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